How to make Entries in Eway Bill : Eway Bill Json Format

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Eway Bill Json Format :How to make Entries in Eway Bill

Here is list on how to make Entries in Eway Bill : Eway Bill Json Format for Eway Bill Portal 

Parameter NameTypeWidthDescriptionValuesSample ValueMandatory
userGstinString15GSTIN JSON User29BQSPA3829E1Z2Y
supplyTypeString3Supply whether it is outward/inward.Refer Master CodesI or OY
subSupplyTypeNumber2Sub types of Supply like supply, export, Job Work etcRefer Master Codes1Y
docTypeString3Document Type, like Challan etcRefer Master CodesINVY
docNoString50Document No123Y
docDateString10Document Datedd/mm/yyyy format12/2/2017Y
fromGstinString15GSTIN of the Consignor29AMRPV8729L1Z1Y
fromTrdNameString100LegalName of consignorNIC TESTING  2Y
fromAddr1String120Address of consignor – Line 1HENNUR ROADY
fromAddr2String120Address of consignor – Line 2HR COLONYY
fromPlaceString50Place of consignorBANGALOREY
fromPincodeNumber6Pincode of consignor560056Y
fromStateCodeNumber2State of consignorRefer Code List29Y
toGstinString15GSTIN of consignee29BQSPA3829E1Z2Y
toTrdnameString100Legalname of consigneeTEST CENTREY
toAddr1String120Address of consignee – Line 1MG ROADY
toAddr2String120Address of consignee- Line 2Y
toPlaceString50Place of consigneeBangaloreY
toPincodeNumber6Pincode of the consignee560013Y
toStateCodeNumber2State of SupplyRefer Master Codes29Y
totalValueNumber18,2Total Amount/ Taxable Amount16500Y
cgstValueNumber18,2CGST Amount990Y
sgstValueNumber18,2SGST Amount990Y
igstValueNumber18,2IGST Amount0Y
cessValueNumber18,2CESS Amount330Y
transModeNumber1Mode of transportationRefer Master Codes1Y
transDistanceNumber3Distance of transportation20N If the transportation is being done by the Consignor, Else Y.
transporterNameString100Transporter NameSPURTHI R
transporterIdString15Transporter Id29AMRPV8729L1Z1
transDocNoString15Transporter Doc NoTA120
transDocDateString10Transporter Doc Datedd/mm/yyyy format20/9/2017
vehicleNoString10Vehicle NoKA12KA1234  or  KA12K1234  or  KA123456  or  KAR1234Y
itemNoitemList (Item details can repeat for multiple entries)Number1Serial No of item1Y
productNameString100Name of the ProductCOTTONY
productDescString100Description of the ProductCOTTONY
hsnCodeNumber8HSN Code of the Product7615Y
quantityNumber5Quantity of Product in Numbers12Y
qtyUnitString3Unit of the Product, like Liter,Kg etcRefer Master CodesTONY
taxableAmountNumber18,2Total Amount/ Taxable Amount5500Y
sgstRateNumber18,2SGST Amount6Y
cgstRateNumber18,2CGST Amount6Y
igstRateNumber18,2IGST Amount0Y
cessRateNumber18,2CESS Amount2Y

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