How to rely Income Tax Notice by e-proceedings online

By | May 6, 2019
(Last Updated On: May 6, 2019)

The process of managing the ITD-related proceedings electronically is known as e-proceedings. In place of handling the proceedings manually, user can manage their proceedings online through assigned Income Tax Officer (ITO). 
With an assigned ITO, assessee can communicate online to reduce visits in IT office for regular issues. 
The e-Proceeding is available for all applicable type of notices, questionnaire, and letter issued under various sections of the IT Act.
Please submit your online response by following the below mentioned steps: Ensure you read and understand this document in full before you start the submission process.

Refer also e Proceeding / e -Assessement under Income Tax -User Manual

Step 1Logon to the ‘e-Filing’ Portal
Step 2Go to the ‘e-Proceeding’ menu ⇒ Click ‘e- Proceedings’. All the proceedings which are pending as well as closed in your case would be listed therein. 
Identify the proceeding by the “Proceeding name” to which requires compliance. 
Click on the ‘Proceeding Name’ (hyperlinked). It will open up the list of notices which requires response from you. 
Click on the ‘Notice/Communication Reference ID’ to view or download the notice details.
Step 3

Click on ‘Submit’ link provided under ‘Response’ column against the notice line item. New page will open for the response submission.

‘Response type’ need to be selected from the drop down (Partial response/full response). 

If response submission is in installments, then one need to choose the response type as “Partial”.

In the text box provided, the written response can be submitted. The text box can accommodate a maximum of 1000 characters. Kindly avoid use of special characters such as [, ], (, ), &, /, # etc in the text response.

Below the text box, there is an additional table to provide PDF documents as an attachment that are sought through the notice. This can be used even to submit PDF documents that you may reply upon to support the written submission.

Each of the documents will have to be appropriately named. Attachment description need to be selected from the drop down provided. Thereafter the PDF of the documents will have to be attached by clicking on ‘Choose File’. If list of drop down values does not include the description of the document that you propose to attach, choose the value “Others” and enter the name the document in lines with the other drop down values.

The File name of the attachment should not contain space or any special characters other than –(hyphen) or _(underscore).
Click Here to view the list of permitted special characters.

Allowed Special Characters 

Double quoteU+0022No
#Number sign (hash)U+0023No
$Dollar signU+0024No
Single quoteU+0027No
(Left parenthesisU+0028No
)Right parenthesisU+0029No
.Full stopU+002ENo
<Less thanU+003CNo
=Equal signU+003DNo
>Greater thanU+003ENo
?Question markU+003FNo
@At signU+0040No
[Left bracketU+005BNo
]Right bracketU+005DNo
`Grave accent (back tick)U+0060No
{Left braceU+007BNo
|Vertical barU+007CNo
}Right braceU+007DNo

It may be kindly be noted that a maximum of 10 Supporting PDF documents, each of maximum 5 MB size, can be submitted in a single response submission and any number of submissions can be made in response to single notice.

Please ensure that the each of the PDF file does not exceed 5 MB size. If a document size exceeds 5 MB size, kindly split the document into two or more file with document name differentiated by tagging _1, 2, 3 etc. example: Bankaccountstatement_1, Bankaccountstatement_2 etc.

If number of document exceeds ten in number, kindly prefer multiple submission in response to the notice by choosing the response type as “Partial Response”

In case of multiple partial response is made, while submitting the last of the partial response, the response type be chosen as “Full response” so as to indicate that you have nothing further more to submit in response to the notice.
Best Practices for Scanning of Documents
Please follow the below key points for Scanning of Documents
Scan Settings

  • Set the Scan Clarity to at least 300 DPI.
  • Choose the format of saving the document as PDF and name the document appropriately.
  • Scan the document in Black and White only.
  • Please ensure that the document is not password protected.

Scanning Source Documents

  • Scan only the original document
  • Ensure that the document size is A4 or letter only.
  • If there are multiple pages, kindly scan all the pages into a single file and ensure that the final size of the PDF does not exceed more than 5 MB.

Key points to avoid poor quality

  • Please ensure the original Document that is been scanned is clear and not faded.
  • If the documents are handwritten, please ensure that it is clear and readable.
  • Please ensure documents are devoid of ink bleeding or smudging.
Step 4Click ‘Continue’ to proceed with the response submission.
The submission of e-Proceeding can be e-Verified using DSC or EVC.
Step 5On successful submission, a view button will get enabled under the Response column of respective notice. On click of this link, you will be able to view the submitted responses.
Kindly note that in case you find that you have missed out submitting any response or documents you can submit additional response by following the above steps even if the response type mentioned earlier is “Full response” as long as the “submit” hyperlink against a proceeding line item is enabled.

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