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By | December 18, 2018
(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

Searching a GST Practitioner

1. I do not know the Enrolment-ID or GSTP-ID of the GST Practitioner. How do I search for a GST Practitioner in the GST Portal?

You can search for GST Practitioners by searching their Name and other details like State, District and Pin Code.

I want to find a GST Practitioner for my GST compliance needs. How do I locate a GST Practitioner in the GST Portal?

Perform the following steps to locate a GST Practitioner in the GST Portal:

1. As a Taxpayer, visit the URL:, and login to the GST Portal with your user-ID and password.

2. Click Services > User Services > Locate GST Practitioner (GSTP) option.

3. The Locate GST Practitioner (GSTP) page will open.

4. You can Locate GST Practitioners by searching their Enrolment number / GSTP ID.

5. Enter the Enrolment Number / GSTP ID and Click SEARCH.

6.  Alternatively, you can Locate GST Practitioners by searching their Name / Area details.

7. Enter the Name of GSTP and select State, District, Pincode, and Click SEARCH.


a) State is a mandatory field. Name of GST Practitioner (GSTP), District and Pincode are optional fields.

b) Pincode will be enabled only after selecting a State and corresponding District.

8. GST Portal will display the list of GST Practitioners that match with your search criteria.

Why to use this features of GST Portal ?

Thus you can check

  • What is the qualification of GST Practitioner ?
  • What is the Address ,Mobile Number ,Email ID of GST Practitioner ?
  • Whether GST Practitioner is registered on GST Portal ?
  • Whether there is any nearby GST Practitioner in your area ?

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