ICAI Advisory for Members in case of Bank Audits 

By | March 12, 2018
(Last Updated On: March 12, 2018)

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Advisory for the Members regarding Allocation of Work among the Joint Auditors in case of Bank Audits 

1   As you are aware that ICAI has issued Standard on Auditing (SA) 299, “Responsibility of Joint Auditors”. Regarding allocation of work among the joint auditors, SA 299 provides as follows:

“Division of Work

2.  Where joint auditors are appointed, they should, by mutual discussion, divide the audit work among themselves. The division of work would usually be in terms of audit of identifiable units or specified areas. In some cases, due to the nature of the business of the entity under audit, such a division of work may not be possible. In such situations, the division of work may be with reference to items of assets or liabilities or income or expenditure or with reference to periods of time. Certain areas of work, owing to their importance or owing to the nature of the work involved, would often not be divided and would be covered by all the joint auditors.

3.  The division of work among joint auditors as well as the areas of work to be covered by all of them should be adequately documented and preferably communicated to the entity.”

2   ICAI has received information from RBI that there have been certain issues between the banks’ joint auditors and the banks’ management regarding the allocation of work among the joint auditors.

3   In this matter, ICAI hereby advises its members that while allocating work amongst themselves, all efforts should be made that the allocation of work amongst them should be in agreement with the management of the bank. When so required, the said allocation may be carried out in consultation with those charged with governance of the bank.

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