Important Tips about e-way bill system

By | June 18, 2018
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(Last Updated On: June 18, 2018)

Important Tips about e-way bill system

Website : E-way bill system web-site address is

Download MIS Report : Please ensure that MIS reports are watched and downloaded on regular basis as the e-way bill system will not provide the e-way bills older than 15 days for the tax payers.

Helpdesk : Please see the help desk contact details on this portal for your state and contact them in case of any difficulty. Refer

List of Grievance Redressal Officers for e-way bill released by CBIC

Government sets up an IT Grievance Redressal Mechanism for GST Portal

State wise Helpdesk numbers on Eway bill

Registration :  The tax payer, that is, GSTIN holder, has to register in the e-way bill system and generate his/her username and password to use the e-way bill system. Refer

Video- EWay bill : How to Register on GST Portal for Eway Bill

Video- Eway Bill: How to Generate Eway Bill online on GST Portal

Video How to Print Eway Bill from GST Eway Bill Portal

Registration of  unregistered transporter : The unregistered transporter, that is, the transporter not having GSTIN, can enrol by providing their PAN details, Aadhar details and generate his/her username and password to use the eway bill system

Passwords :  Please don’t share your username and password with anybody so as to avoid mis-utilisation of your account and generation of e-way bills without your knowledge.

• Help desks or offices of GST and E-way bill will never requests you for the username and password through phone or e-mail or SMS.

Dashboard : Please watch the dash board on the main menu of e-way bill system for the various activities on the e-way bill system on your GSTIN during last 3 days. It also shows the e-way bills generated by your supplier or recipient on your GSTIN and your e-way bills rejected by your recipient or supplier.

Cancel Eway Bill : to cancel eway bill refer followings

[Video] How to Cancel E way Bill on GST Portal

[Video] How to Cancel Eway bill after 24 Hours

Watch Alerts :  Please watch out the pop-up alerts whenever you are generating the e-way bills and take appropriate action, if required.

Check SMS : Please see the SMS alert sent to your registered mobile number every day about the activities carried out on your GSTIN in the e-way bill system and take appropriate action, in case of abnormalities in the figure, by checking details on the e-way bill site.

Create Masters : For quick and easy generation of e-way bills, the tax payer can create his/her masters of customers, suppliers, products and transporters. One time creation of these details, help him to pull these data easily while generating the e-way bills without typing GSTIN, Name and addresses of the supplier or customer and product details like HSN code and tax rates.

Documents : Before going to generate the e-way bill, please ensure that you have the proper document related to the goods in hand. This avoids the mistakes in generation of e-way bill.

Updation in Vehicle Details :  Please ensure that the Part-B or the vehicle details are updated as and when it is changed for movement of that e-way bill or consignment.Refer Video- How to update Vehicle Number in EWay Bill on GST Portal


Moving Goods without Transporter :  If you are only moving the goods without the help of any transporters, then you can enter your GSTIN as the transporter id so that you can update the PART-B later.


Check Validity of Eway Bill : Please ensure that the consignment reaches the destination before the validity period expires.

Check Reject Option : Please Visit ‘Reject’ option every day to see the e-way bills generated by the other parties on your GSTIN. If any of these e-way bills or consignment does not belong to you, reject them so that it will not be accounted on your name in the system.

Consolidated eway bill  : If you are carrying the multiple e-way bills in one vehicle, then generate One Consolidated eway bill for all these e-way bills so that it becomes handy to carry by the driver of the vehicle.

Update Business Details  : If you have updated your business address and contact details on the GST Common Portal, please use the ‘From GST Common Portal’ in ‘Update’ option to pull these details to the e-way bill system.

Transporter : If the tax payer is transporter, then he/she can go to the ‘as transporter’ in ‘Update’ option and update his/her status as transporter so that the system can enable him/her to enter supplier and recipient details for generation of the e-way bills. Otherwise, the system limits to generate the e-way bill for his purpose.

SMS based e-way bill generation : If the tax payer wants to use the SMS based e-way bill generation facility, then he can go to the ‘For SMS’ in ‘Registration’ option and register the username or sub-username, who has to be assigned this job so that user is enabled to generate the e-way bills through SMS. Please read the User Manual of SMS system for more details.Refer Video : How to Make eway bill by SMS : GST News [ Part 205] :

Mobile app based e-way bill generation :  If the tax payer wants to use the mobile app based e-way bill generation facility, then he can go to the ‘For Mobile App’ in ‘Registration’ option and register the username or sub-username, who has to be assigned this job, along with the IMEI number of the mobile, so that user is enabled to generate the e-way bills through APP. Please read the User Manual of Mobile App System for more details.

Bulk Eway Bill generation facility.  : If the tax payer has automated his invoice generation and has all the invoice related information on the system, then he can use the offline tool, bulk generation facility. Using this tool, he can cut and paste the multiple invoices related information, for which the e-way bills need to be generated, as per the format given in the tool and prepare the JSON file using the tool. Later upload into the e-way bill portal and generate in one go the e-way bills for all these invoices. Please read the Bulk generation User Manual for more details.

API Based Eway bill generation : If you are the tax payer, who is generating more than 1000 invoices per day, then you can register ‘For API’ in ‘Registration’ option and do the site-to-site integration using API interface of the e-way bill system for auto-generation of e-way bills.

Create sub users : If the tax payer is running his business round the clock or has multiple branches, then he can create the sub users and assign the roles to them on the e-way bill system. Using these sub-user accounts, his staff or branches can generate e-way bills and the system records these details with their account names so that later tax payer can view.

Vehicle Detention : If your conveyance is detained unnecessary for more than half an hour by the department officer, you can raise the grievance using the detention report.

Eway bill Penalty : Refer Penalty if Eway Bill not generated under GST

Read  Eway Bill Rules : Refer

Video- New Eway Bill Rules Notified on 07.03.2018 [Part 1] : GST News [Part 182] :

Video -New Eway Bill Rules Notified on 07.03.2018 [ Part 2 ] : GST News [Part 183] :

Video – New Eway Bill Rules Notified on 07.03.2018 [ Part 3 ]: GST News [Part 184] :

Video- New Eway Bill Rules Notified on 07.03.2018 [ Part 4 ] : GST News [Part 185] :

FAQs and User Manual on EWay Bill System of India

E-Way Bill System : User Manual for Tax Payers : Download

EWay Bill in India FAQs

Important Tips about e-way bill system

e-Waybill Queries and Responses during initial roll out

How to enroll for Eway Bill

Penalty if Eway Bill not generated under GST

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