INCOME TAX ACT (Pocket) 2020 ( 30th Edition 2020 by Bharat Publication)

By | September 4, 2020
(Last Updated On: September 4, 2020)

INCOME TAX ACT (Pocket) 2020 

INCOME TAX ACT (Pocket) 2020

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1. Income-tax Act, 1961
Text of sections
Chronological list of Amendment Acts
Appendix 1: Important Circulars & Notifications
Appendix 2: The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2019
Appendix 3: The Finance Act, 2020
Income Tax
The First Schedule: Rates of Taxes
Part I: Income Tax
Part II: Rates for Deduction of Tax at Source in Certain Cases
Part III: Rates for Charging Income-tax in Certain Cases, Deducting Income-tax from Income Chargeable under the Head “Salaries” and Computing “Advance Tax”
Part IV: Rules for Computation of Net Agricultural Income
Appendix 4: The Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation of Certain Provisions) Ordinance, 2020

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