Income Tax on Agriculture Land : Free Study Material

By | May 27, 2018
(Last Updated On: March 28, 2019)

Income Tax on Agriculture Land : Free Study Material

Here is the free study material on Income Tax on Agriculture Land

Agricultural income Definitions in India

Income Tax on sale of agriculture land : Analysis

Income Tax Exemption to Capital Gains on Sale of Agriculture Land


No Income Tax Exemption on Sale agriculture land after conversion into Plots : HC

No tds to be deducted on sale of agricultural land : ITAT

No Income tax on sale of agriculture land just because it is to be used for industrial purpose by purchaser : GUJARAT HC

No Tax on Interest awarded on enhanced compensation of compulsory acquisition of agriculture land : ITAT

When Land held as Stock in Trade

Nearness of land to highway does not alter character of Agricultural land

Tax Exemption available if Conversion of agricultural land after date of agreement to sell : ITAT

Black money received from sale of Agriculture Land is also not Taxable ; ITAT

Measurement land Distance from Municipality -Tahsildar Certificate required

Section 10(37) Income Tax ; Exemption on Transfer of Agricultural Land

Income from growing mushroom is non agricultural income

Income from flowers ; petals in pots is agriculture income : exempt from Tax u/s 10

Compulsory Acquisition Taxability

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