Income Tax on Salary : Free Study Material

By | June 5, 2018
(Last Updated On: May 24, 2019)

Income Tax On Salary : Free Study Material

Here is the Free Study Material on Income Tax on Salary

Income Tax on Salary : Relevant articles

Form 24Q (Annexure II) :Revised Salary TDS Return : Tutorial

Salary TDS Certificate : New Process to issue Form 16

Salary TDS certificate part B to be issued from TRACES portal: CBDT Notification No 9/2019

CBDTs Notification 36/2019, dated 12th Apr 2019 : Format of TDS statement in Form No. 24Q, Annexure – II revised

AY 2020-21 /FY 2019-20

Benefits available to Salaried Persons in AY 2020-21 (FY 2019-20)  under Income Tax

AY 2019-20 /FY 2018-19

what is Taxable Salary under Income Tax ?

Standard deduction from salary income w.e.f FY 2018-19 (AY 2019-20)

CBDT Circular on TDS from salaries during FY 2018-19 u/s 192. : CIRCULAR NO 01 /2019

Govt clarify standard deduction to pension received from former employer: Press Release 05.04.2018

Income tax on leave Encashment : Study Material

No standard deduction on family pension under Income tax Act

List of Income Tax benefits available to Salaried Persons AY 2018-19

Income Tax Department advisory for salaried taxpayers

Income Tax on Arrear of Salary

FORM 10E Income Tax : claiming relief under section 89(1)

Pension income taxed as salary income?

Salary From More Than One Employer : Discharge of income Tax Liability

salary income and Income Tax Questions

Proof to be given to employer for adjustment of House Property Loss from Salary Income

Adjustment of House Property Loss from Salary Income

Employers required to collect PAN of lender banks from employees to claim Interest in House Property in the salary return.

Circulars on Salary

Admissibility of deduction under section 80TTB : CBDT Clarified via CIRCULAR NO.1 OF 2019

CBDT Circular on TDS from salaries during FY 2018-19 u/s 192. : CIRCULAR NO 01 /2019

TDS circular on salary FY 2016-17 &; CBDT issues corrigendum

Judgments on Income Tax on Salary

No TDS on Gratuity , pension Computation and leave salary of University Employee : ITAT

No Default if TDS not deducted from Salary due to bonafide estimate of income : ITAT

Sec. 89 Income Tax relief allowed for arrears of perquisites : ITAT

Salary paid in India to employee deputed abroad not taxable in India : AAR

Salary Income -No Interest for defaults in payment of Advance Tax : Supreme Court

Salary Income of NRI Accrued outside India cannot be taxed

Non payment of self assessment tax attracts penalty under Income Tax Act : ITAT

Relevant Sections of Income Tax on Salary

Section 7 of Finance Act 2018 Amendment of section 16 of Income tax

Section 17 Income Tax Act 1961 : Salary, perquisite and profits in lieu of salary

Section 89 of Income Tax Act : Relief when salary, etc., is paid in arrears or in advance.

TDS on Salary : Relevant study material

CBDT Circular on TDS from salaries during FY 2018-19 u/s 192. : CIRCULAR NO 01 /2019

[ Video ] Income Tax News : TDs on Salary FY 2017 18

TDS circular on salary FY 2016-17 &; CBDT issues corrigendum

TDS on Salary for Financial Year 2016-17 (Assessment Year 2017-18) : CBDT Circular

Download Form 16 for TDS on salary

Payment to Consultant doctors engaged by agreement could not be treated as salary liable to TDS under section 192

Salary accrued liable for TDS and subsequent diversion is only application of income and not diversion of income by overriding title

TDS Rates FY 2017-18 / AY 2018-19 : Income Tax Act India

Master Guide to Income Tax Act with Commentary on Finance Act 2018 (28th Edition 2018) Book

For more Topics Refer Income Tax Commentary

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