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By | April 24, 2017
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India’s Constitution- Origins and Evolution – Vol. 7 by Samaraditya Pal 

This series traces the evolution of each provision of the Constitution of India, in the light of the Constituent Assembly Debates, Lok Sabha Debates on Amendments and significant SC cases. It is the first ever book which presents each Article in a comparative perspective between the vision of the constitution makers and its interpretation by the Supreme Court. Volume 7 covers Articles 216 to 226 dealing with the High Courts in the States. The most critical judicial decisions that have shaped the writ jurisdiction of High Courts under Article 226 have been arranged under themes including:
(i) Jurisdiction and Jurisdictional Fact
(ii) Maintainability
(iii) Substantive Procedural Principles
(iv) Natural Justice
(v) Rule of Law

India’s Constitution- Origins and Evolution - Vol. 7

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  • Hardcover: 1472 pages
  • Publisher: Lexis Nexis; First 2017 edition (27 March 2017)

Article 216
Article 217
Article 218
Article 219
Article 220
Article 221
Article 222
Article 223
Article 224
Article 224A
Article 225
Article 226
Supreme Court
Part 1:    Constitutional Power
Part 2:    Invocation of Jurisdiction
Part 3:    Particular Writs
Part 4:    Grounds of Review
Part 5:    Remedies
Part 6:    Practice and Procedure
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
Appendix IV
Subject Index

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