JSON Upload Error Codes on Eway Bill Portal

By | April 27, 2018
(Last Updated On: April 27, 2018)

JSON Upload Error Codes

Following are JSON Upload Error Codes on Eway Bill Portal 

JSON Upload Error Codes
E Way Bill Related
0Eway Bill Generation FailedGen EWB
1Eway Bill Generation SuccessGen EWB
201Invalid Transaction TypeGen EWB
202Invalid Sub-transaction typeGen EWB
203Sub-transaction type does not belongs to transaction typeGen EWB
204Invalid Document typeGen EWB
205Document type does not match with transaction & Sub trans typeGen EWB
206Invaild Invoice NumberGen EWB
207Invalid Invoice DateGen EWB
208Invalid Supplier’s GSTINGen EWB
209Blank Supplier’s AddressGen EWB
210Invalid or Blank Supplier’s PIN CodeGen EWB
211Invalid or Blank Supplier’s state CodeGen EWB
212Invalid Consignee GSTINGen EWB
213Invalid Consignee AddressGen EWB
214Invalid Consignee PIN CodeGen EWB
215Invalid Consignee State CodeGen EWB
216Invalid HSN CodeGen EWB
217Invalid UQC CodeGen EWB
218Invalid Tax Rate for Intra State TransactionGen EWB
219Invalid Tax Rate for Inter State TransactionGen EWB
220Invalid Trans modeGen EWB
221Invalid Approximate DistanceGen EWB
222Invalid Transaction IdGen EWB
223Invalid Transaction Document NumberGen EWB
224Invalid Transaction DateGen EWB
225Invalid Vehicle Number FormatGen EWB
226Both Transaction and Vehicle Number BlankGen EWB
227Invalid EWB NumberUpd Veh/ Can EWB
228This EWB does not accessable to your GSTINUpd Veh/ Can EWB
229EWB is cancelledUpd Veh/ Can EWB
230EWB Is lapsed as its vehicle update validity overUpd Veh
231EWB Cancellation time is overCan EWB

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