Manual process for GST Appeal filed by tax Payer (GST APL-02 and APL-04)

By | January 18, 2019
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Manual process for Appeal filed by tax Payer

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Manual > Proceedings and Order of – Appeal filed by Taxpayer (Form GST APL-02 and APL-04)

How can I (in the role of Appellate Authority) initiate proceedings and hearing process for disposing Appeal application?

A. Go to Appeal application page by either searching for the ARN (Application Reference Number)/GSTIN/Status/Period To go to Appeal application page, perform following steps:

1. Access the GST Back Office Portal for tax officials.

2. Login using your valid credentials. The Home page is displayed. 3. Navigate to Statutory Functions > Appeal & Revision > Application Inbox option.

5. Search page is displayed. Choose any one of the four displayed fields as your search criteria and enter the required information: ARN, GSTIN/Temporary ID/UIN, Status or Period From and Period To Date

Note: You must enter data in at least one of the field to proceed.

6. Click the SEARCH button.

7. Based on your search criteria, the required ARN(s) gets displayed. Click the ARN hyperlink of the case you want to act on.

8. Appeal Case Detail page is displayed. From this page, you can initiate Proceedings and Hearing process for disposing Appeal related to this particular case by operating on the tabs provided at the left-hand side of the page: APPLICATIONS, NOTICES, REPLIES, ORDERS, INTERNAL COMMUNICATION, RECTIFICATION and ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT. Note: On this page, the APPLICATIONS tab is selected by default.

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