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By | April 6, 2021
(Last Updated On: April 6, 2021)

Taxmann’s Master Guide To Income Tax Act – Section Wise Commentary on the Finance Act, 2021 with Analysis of all Statutory Provisions & Judicial Changes in the Income-tax Act | 31st Edition | 2021 Paperback – 4 April 2021

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Taxmann’s Master Guide to Income Tax Act, is a unique book that provides the following:

  • Section-wise commentary on the Finance Act 2021
  • Ready-referencer for all-important procedural aspects of the Income-tax Act.
  • Analysis of all statutory and judicial changes in the Income-tax Act

The Present Publication is the 31st Edition, amended by the Finance Act 2021 & the Taxation and other Laws (Relaxation and Amendment of Certain Provisions) Act, 2020. This book is authored by Pradeep S. Shah & Rajesh S. Kadakia, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Division 1 | Commentary]: Section-wise commentary on changes made by the Finance Act, 2021
    o Definitions
    o Taxation of Unit Linked Insurance Policy (ULIPs)
    o Tax Incentive for Units Located in International Financial Services Centre (IFSC)
    o Exemptions
    o Taxation of Charitable Trusts
    o Business Income
    o Capital Gains
    o Carry Forward of Losses
    o Deductions
    o Return and Assessment of Income
    o TDS
    o Discontinuation of Income-tax Settlement Commission
    o Constitution of Dispute Resolution Committee (Section 245MA)
    o Board for Advance Rulings (Chapter XIX-B)
    o Miscellaneous
  • [Division 2 | Income Tax Practice Manual]:
    o Tabular presentation of all key provisions of the Act, i.e.:
    § Tax-Free Incomes§ Deductions & Allowances
    § Periods of Limitation
    § Penalties
    § offences and Prosecutions
    o Analysis of all procedural aspects of the Act, i.e.:
    § Deduction of tax at source
    § Collection of tax at source
    § Return of income
    § Assessment/reassessment
    § Rectification of mistakes
    § Payment of tax/interest & refund of taxes
    § PAN & Aadhaar
    § Statements of Finance Transactions (SFT)
    § Advance Tax
    § Interest and Fees
    § Refunds
    § Faceless Proceedings
  • [Division 3 | Gist of all Circulars, Clarifications & Notifications (1961 – February 2021)] with Section & Alphabetical key for easy navigation
  • [Division 4 | Digest of all Landmark Rulings (1922 – February 2021)] with Section & Alphabetical keys for easy navigation
  • Also available in Taxmann’s Virtual Book Format (An e-Book Initiative for un-interrupted reading experience).
  • Also available [28th Edition | 2021] Taxmann’s Master Guide to Income Tax Rules – In depth rule-wise commentary along with gist of all Circulars & Notifications and judicial precedents.


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