Mobile app for verification of e-way bill by UP Commercial Department

By | July 13, 2019
(Last Updated On: July 13, 2019)

Commercial Tax Department, Uttar Pradesh, under section 68 of UP GST Act 2017 and rule 138B of UPGST Rules, has issued directions for making checking of transport vehicles carrying goods, easy and effective.

As per the directions, a mobile application has been developed for verification of e-way bill. On presentation of e-way bill during verification of goods transported, when QR code would be scanned and submitted to the Departmental website, the required details of the e-way bill shall automatically be available at the server. Therefore there will be no need for collection of tax invoice and its entry in Bill Module. This will make the road checking work effective and easy.

The said e-way bill verification android app can be downloaded from departmental website under dealer search menu or from google play store.

Download Eway Bill Collection App of UP Govt from Google Play store Click here

App developed by UP Commercial Tax Department for Officers to capture data of E-way Bill on road.

Screenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot Image


The QR code shall be scanned only when either the supplier or the receiver as declared in the e-way bill is of the State.

Also the format of the road checking register has also been made more easy as under:

1. Name of the Official

2. Name of Policeman or other employees

3. Vehicle No. used in road checking

4. Place of checking

5. Date of checking

6. Time of checking from …. To ……

Details of every transport vehicle checked shall be entered immediately in the said register.

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