Multiple Vehicle Option for e-Way bill on Eway Bill Portal

By | November 14, 2018
(Last Updated On: November 14, 2018)

Multi Vehicle Option for e-Way bill

Video Explanation on Multi Vehicle Option for e-Way bill

Video Tutorial by CA Satbir Singh (Voice in Hindi , Slides in English)

The new option has been introduced on Eway Bill System ( wherein the consignment of one e-way bill has to be moved in multiple vehicles, after moving to transshipment place.

For example, an e-way bill is generated and needs to be moved from A to C.

Here, the consignment moves from A to B via Rail or bigger vehicle.

Now, it is not possible to move the consignment from B to C in the same mode of transportation

  • due to unavailability of that mode or
  • may be due to hilly region where big vehicles cannot be used.

In such cases, the consignment needs to be moved in multiple smaller vehicles.

Steps for Multi Vehicle Option for e-Way bill

1. First generate the e-way bill with source and destination as per the document/invoice.
2. Carry out the first leg of movement of the consignment up to the transshipment.
3. Choose the ‘Change to Multi-vehicle’ option and update the e-way bill for multi-vehicle movement. Here, the total quantity of the consignment and movement from and to
place for the multiple vehicles requirement has to be entered

4. Now, when the consignment has been loaded to the smaller vehicle, update the ‘PartB’ of the e-way bill with the vehicle number, along with the quantity loaded, and move the consignment.

5. Step No 4 may be repeated till total quantity is loaded and moved.

The system will not allow the quantity to be shipped in multiple vehicles more than what has been declared while marking the e-way bill for mulit-vehicle.

Detailed Explanation of Multi Vehicle Option for e-Way bill

Select the ‘Change to Multi Vehicle’ option from the menu and enter e-way bill number to
be changed to multiple vehicles for further movement and the system shows the details for
e-way bill.

multiple vehicle option

Here, confirm for the multiple vehicles movement and enter the ‘from place’, ‘to place’ ,
quantity of the consignment and reason to go for multi-vehicle. Once it is submitted, the eway
bill is changed to the multi-vehicle movement.

Part Consignment : Multi Vehicle Option for e-Way bill

Now, whenever the part of the consignment has to be moved, select Update Vehicle option
and select the group as shown below. The group is from place – to place. If for the
movement, multiple ‘from place – to place’ has been entered, the system shows the details

Now, enter the vehicle details as usual along with the quantity being moved and submit.

The print of the e-way bill looks like this. Please note the ‘Valid until’ column indicates the
Multi-vehicle and Part-B contains the ‘from place – to place’ along with the quantity is being
moved. This way once can use the facility for split movement of one consignment of one eway

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