New Order on Blocking of ITC u/r 86A of GST I

By | October 12, 2021
(Last Updated On: October 12, 2021)

New Order on Blocking of ITC u/r 86A of GST I CA Satbir Singh

Facts of the case

Assistant Commissioner of GST & Central Excise is proposed a demand for recovery of certain sums of money, on the alleged ground of nonpayment of IGST on ocean freight charges; wrong/ excess availment of Input Tax Credit etc.

Assistant commissioner Blocked Input Tax Credit under Rule 86A.

Appellant-assessee has not been intimated in writing as to what are the reasons, which waved the mind of the authority to invoke the power under Rule 86-A


Decision of High Court

Before invoking the power under Rule 86-A, the Authority should have reasons to believe that the credit of input tax available in the electronic credit ledger has been fraudulently availed or the assessee is ineligible, on account of anyone of the contingencies in clauses (a) to (d) of Rule 86-A(i).

The power under Rule 86-A has been invoked and reasons have been recorded that needs to be communicated to the assessee so as to enable the assessee to put forth his objections and pray for release of the blocking of the electronic credit ledger.

Writ Appeal is allowed and the order passed in the writ petition is set aside and writ petition is disposed of by directing the respondents or any other officers, who have been authorized by the first respondent to communicate the reasons recorded in writing before invoking the powers under Rule 86-A to the appellant, within a period of one week from the date of receipt of a copy of this order and on receipt of the same, the appellant is entitled to file his objections within a period of three (3) days, thereafter, and on receipt of the objections the concerned authorities shall pass an order and if the concerned authority is satisfied with the explanation may revoke the order passed under Rules 86-A or otherwise pass a speaking order as to why the request made by the appellant cannot be complied with and communicate to the appellant within a period of seven (7) days, thereafter.

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