Practical Guide to GST on Real Estate Industry 2020

By | October 28, 2020
(Last Updated On: October 28, 2020)

A Practical Guide to GST on Real Estate Industry – October 2020 2nd Edition (Middle English) – 23 October 2020

by CA Virender Chauhan (Author), CA Sudhir S (Author), CA Roopa Nayak (Author)

A Practical Guide to GST on Real Estate Industry - October 2020 2nd Edition

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The purpose of this book is to enable the taxable person to understand the applicability and impact of GST provisions with respect to the Real Estate Industry. The comprehensive and in-depth practical knowledge of the four authors would help in implementation of the provisions in an easy manner. This book is divided into eight parts as follows:
Part 1 – Introduction and Overview
Part 2 – GST impact analysis on real estate developers: Complex Developers, Joint development, contractors and other income.
Part 3 – Detailed operational law containing classification, registration, tax credits, documentation, payments etc.
Part 4 – Detailed procedural law containing assessment, audit, advance ruling, appeals, penalties, demands etc.
Part 5 – Tax planning avenues, GST and RERA, Transitional provisions
Part 6 – Disputes and department actions, [focussing on possible dispute area & resolution].
Part 7 – Role of Professionals from GST audit and tax planning perspective.
Part 8 – Miscellaneous: 220+ FAQs and filled forms.
Appendices containing FAQs released by CBIC and Important Notifications.

Key Features

Detailed and practical analysis of the GST provisions with case laws pertaining to the real estate industry.
Covering all possible dispute areas along with their resolutions.
Detailed analysis of the tax planning aspect.
Covering extensive FAQs for removal of doubts.
Blank as well as filled forms for better understanding.
Detailed discussion on the role of professionals on how they can help in various GST matters.

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