Deduction for Purchase of Residential House under Income Tax : Free Study Material

By | May 25, 2018
(Last Updated On: May 27, 2019)

Deduction for Purchase of Residential House under Income Tax : Free Study Material

Here is the free study material on regarding Income Tax on Non Residents

Income Tax Exemption for Capital Gain on Residential Property Transfer

Tax benefits of House in India

Sec. 54 deduction available for new residential house including Land Cost : HC

Basement is part of residential house; eligible for Sec. 54/54F : ITAT

Section 54 Gair mumking shed is residential house

Assessee acquires new house on credit , Benefit of Section 54 is available

Advance payment for flat would be eligible for relief u/s section 54 of Income Tax

No penalty for concealment if property sold wasn’t residential and Sec 54 deduction disallowed : HC

House Transfer within 3 years under family arrangement, sec. 54F relief can’t be denied

Section 54F allowed even if amount not deposited in Capital Gain FDR Scheme but house purchased within time limit

Section 54F can’t be denied even if house construction Incomplete

Section 54F allowed as one property was commercial and one was residential

Section 54F Allowed even if house gifted to daughter within 3 year

Deduction of Section 54F not available if newly acquired house is instantly demolished

Flats held as stock in trade are not second residential house, Section 54F allowed

Notification No 8/2017 : Capital Gain FDR ; TDS certificate by Banks to legal heir

Sale proceeds of land appurtenant to residential house is entitled to section 54 relief: ITAT

Income from house property and Income Tax

Income Tax Judgments

Section 54F relief can not be denied as Taxpayer is Co-owner of property and not absolute owner of second house :ITAT

Sec. 54 relief allowed if capital gain invested up to scheduled date of filing of revised ITR : ITAT

Exemption U/s. 54F allowed even if investment in mutual fund made prior to purchase of residential house : ITAT

Section 54 exemption allowed even if land purchased 1 year before transfer of original asset : ITAT

Sec. 54 deduction allowed on purchase of flats even if investment is not from sale proceeds : ITAT

Deduction u/s 54F allowed for Capital Gain on Sale of Depreciable Commercial asset if held for more than 3 years :ITAT

Income Tax Exemption allowed for New House purchased Outside India : ITAT [Read Order]

Property is acquired when allotment letter is issued for section 54/54F: HC

Exemption to be allowed even if not claimed in Income Tax return : HYDERABAD ITAT

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