Risk Analysis,Insurance and Retirement Planning -Book 2017 edition

By | February 5, 2017
(Last Updated On: February 5, 2017)

Risk Analysis,Insurance and Retirement Planning  (2017 Edition) by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance 

This book is a dissertation on two aspects viz. Insurance products and Retirement Planning. One aspect focuses on fundamental principles, organisation structure, functions, regulation and legislation applicable to life/non-life insurance as practiced in India. The other aspect covers need for planning for retirement along with the various pension products available in the country.
This book is the course material provided by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance to the candidates appearing for the paper on “Risk Analysis, Insurance and Retirement Planning” under the ”Advanced Wealth Management” examination.
All keen learners of finance and financial services shall find this revised edition of the book valuable.

Risk Analysis,Insurance and Retirement Planning

You can buy this book for Rs 240. Click to buy this Book online. It contains 232 pages and Publisher: Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd.; 2017 Edition edition (2017)

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