Road Tax in Delhi

By | February 18, 2016
(Last Updated On: February 18, 2016)

Road Tax

Q. Under what section the Road Tax is paid ?

Ans. As per section 3 of Delhi motor vehicle taxation Act 1962 every vehicle owner has to pay road tax at the time of registration of his vehicle and thereafter as per rule formed there under.

Tax Rates

Q. What are the Road Tax rates for different types of vehicles?

Ans. Tax rates for Pvt./Non Commercial vehicles.

Type of Passenger VehiclesAmount in Rs./year
Motor cycle below 50 cc (Mopeds, Auto Cycles)650.00
Motor Cycles & Scooters above 50 cc1,220.00
Tri Cycles1,525.00
Motor Cycle with sewing trailer1,525.00 + 465.00
Motor Cars less than 1000 kg3,815.00
Motor Cars more than 1000 kg but does not exceed 1500 kg.4,880.00
Motor Car exceed than 1500 kg. but does not exceed 2000 kg.7,020.00
Motor Car more than 2000 kg.7,020.00 +4570.00 + @2000.00 for every 1000kg. or part there of in addition to 2000 Kg.



Tax Rate for Commercial Passenger vehicles.


Type of Passenger VehiclesAmount in Rs./year
Not more than 2 excluding driver305.00
More than 2 & less than 4 exc. Driver & Conductor.605.00
More than 4 & less than 6 exc. Driver & Conductor.1,130.00
More than 6 & less than 18 exc. Driver & Conductor.1,915.00
More than 18 & above exc. Driver & Conductor.1,915.00+ @ 280/- per passenger.


For Air Lines or staff vehicles the rates are same as above of Commercial passengers vehicles.

Tax Rate for Commercial Goods vehicles


Loading capacity of Goods vehiclesRoad Tax in Rs./year
Does not exceed 1 Tonne665.00
Exceed 1 Tonnebut does not exceed 2 Tonne940.00
Exceed 2 Tonne does not exceed 4 Tonne1,430.00
Exceed 4 Tonne but does not exceed 6 Tonne1,915.00
Exceed 6 Tonne but does not exceed 8 Tonne2,375.00
Exceed 8 Tonne but does not exceed 9 Tonne2,865.00
Exceed 9 Tonne but does not exceed 10 Tonne3,320.00
More than 10 Tonne3,320.00+ @Rs.470/-per Tonne
For Trailers
Additional of 10 Tonne + less 2 Tonne of trailer3,320.00+@ Rs.470/-per Tonne + Rs.465/-
Additional of 10 Tonne + more than 2 Tonne of trailers3,320.00+@ Rs.470/-per Tonnee + Rs.925/-


The Road Tax of trailer is charged along with its corresponding registered vehicle only.

Tax Rate for Autos/Taxies

  • Auto Rickshaw Rs.305/- per annum
  • Taxies Rs.605/- per annum

Where to pay

Q.3. Where do I have to pay the Road Tax?

Ans. For Pvt. Vehicles, road tax is deposited at the time of registration at concerned zonal registration office . It is a one time payment.

For commercial vehicles, road tax is deposited at the account branch located at Head Quarters of the Transport Department, 5/9 Under Hill Road, Delhi-110054

Grievances Redressel

Q. 4 Where should I report for redressel of my grievances regarding Road Tax?


Deputy Director (HQ) Taxation Authority Tel : 3921924

M.L.O. (HQ) Taxation Authority ( Registration Branch) HQ Transport Deptt. Tel :3921924

Addl. Director ( Transport)
Room No. -15
Transport Deptt.
5/9, Under Hill Road,
Delhi – 110054
Tel : 2945651

Senior Accounts Officer,
Transport Department
5/9, Under Hill Road,
Telephone No. 292 9127

Asstt. Accounts Officer,
Transport Department ( Recovery)
5/9, Under Hill Road,

For Pvt. /Non Commercial Vehicles

Concerned Motor License Officer of zonal office.


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