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The use of Cooking Gas, calls for some simple and easy-to-observe safety precautions which help to make your kitchen a “Safety Zone” in your home. So the next time you use gas, don’t forget these “Safety tips”

 Replace your Rubber Tube with ‘Suraksha’ LPG Hose. Suraksha hose is fire retardant hence much safer and has life of 5 years.

 Use cotton Apron while cooking.

 Do not use lighted match stick to check gas leaks. An easy way is to place your thumb on the cylinder valve for a few seconds, in case of profuse leakage you can feel pressure of the leaking gas.

 Soap solution can be used for checking bung/body leaks only.

 A cylinder upright is a cylinder right.

 Shelves or storage cabinets should not be placed above the hot plate – reaching out for containers could cause accidents.

 Strike match first, then open burner knob.

 Smell gas? Close regulator and burner knobs. Open all doors and windows. Put off all flames. Do not operate electric switches. Contact your distributor.

 Retain safety cap with nylon thread attached to cylinder. Fix the cap on to the valve to stop leak, if any.

 Put off all flames including Pooja Lamps and Incense Sticks(Agarbatties) before connecting/ disconnecting a cylinder. Do not operate Electric switches /appliances.

 Clothing is for wearing, not for Pan handling. Use only pot holders.

 Never leave vessels unattended on burners in operation – the contents may overflow, extinguish the flame and cause gas leakage.

 Self repair is unsafe.

 Always keep the Gas stove on a platform above the cylinder level. Never keep cylinder in a pit below floor level.

 Do not place cylinder inside an enclosed compartment.

 Do not have curtains on the windows near gas stove.

 Switch off the regulator every night before going to bed.

 Your kitchen is not a playground – do not allow children to play near the LPG installation.

 Always keep ‘Suraksha’ hose uncovered and visible.

 Do not allow direct draught inside the kitchen.

 Get your LPG installation checked every two years.

Check the Suraksha Hose regularly and replace in case of cracks. Change it before expiry date.

 Always use an ISI marked hotplate and Suraksha hose / Rubber Tube.

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