Section 108 of Finance Act 2018 : Repeal and savings of certain enactments

By | April 1, 2018
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(Last Updated On: April 19, 2018)

Section 108 of Finance Act 2018

[Section 108 of Finance Act 2018 deals with Repeal and savings of certain enactments and is covered in CHAPTER V REPEAL AND SAVINGS OF CERTAIN ENACTMENTS]

Repeal and savings of certain enactments

108. (1) The enactments specified in the third column of the Fifth Schedule are hereby repealed to the extent specified in the fourth column thereof.

(2) Notwithstanding the repeal under sub-section (1), such repeal shall not—

(a)affect any other law in which the repealed enactment has been applied, incorporated or referred to;
(b)affect the validity, invalidity, effect or consequences of anything already done or suffered or any right, title, obligation or liability already acquired, accrued or incurred or any remedy or proceeding in respect thereof, or any release or discharge of or from any debt, penalty, obligation, liability, claim or demand, or any indemnity already granted, or the proof of any past act or thing under the repealed enactment;
(c)affect any principle or rule of law, or established jurisdiction, form or course of pleading, practice or procedure, or existing usage, custom, privilege, restriction, exemption, office or appointment, notwithstanding that the same respectively may have been in any manner affirmed or recognised or derived by, in or from any enactment hereby repealed;
(d)revive or restore any jurisdiction, office, custom, liability, right, title, privilege, restriction, exemption, usage, practice, procedure or other matter or thing not now existing or in force.

(3) The mention of particular matters in sub-section (1) shall not be held to prejudice or affect the general application of section 6 of the General Clauses Act, 1897 (10 of 1897), with regard to the effect of repeals.

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