SFT Transaction Code Meaning in 26AS

By | August 2, 2020
(Last Updated On: August 2, 2020)
Transaction Type
SFT-001: Purchase of bank drafts or pay orders in cash*
SFT – 002: Purchase of pre-paid instruments in cash*
SFT – 003: Cash deposit or withdrawls in current account*
SFT – 004: Cash deposit in account other than current account*
SFT – 005: Time deposit*
SFT – 006: Payment for credit card*
SFT – 007: Purchase of debentures*
SFT – 008: Purchase of shares*
SFT – 009: Buy back of shares*
SFT – 010: Purchase of mutual fund units*
SFT – 011: Purchase of foreign currency*
SFT – 012: Purchase of sale of immovable property*
SFT – 013: Cash payment for goods and services*
SFT – 014: Cash deposits during specified period*


  • Section 285BA of the Income Tax requires reporting persons to furnish statement of financial transaction (SFT) for transactions prescribed under Rule 114E.
  • This functionality can be used by the reporting persons to indicate that a specified transaction type is not reportable for the year.
  • The reporting persons can select one of following response option for each transaction type:
    Yes: There are some reportable transactions for the year which have been/will be filed under Form 61A
    Nil Transactions: There are no reportable transactions for the year.
    Not Applicable: The transaction type is not applicable (Does not meet the definition of reporting person e.g. banking company)


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