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By | May 5, 2018
(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)


Download State Wise SGST Acts passed by various States in India

Sl. No. Name of Center Date on which  Acts passed  Download Acts & Bills
  India  29th March 2017 CGST Act 2017

IGST Act 2017

UTGST Act 2017

Compensation to States Act 2017

CGST Rules 2017

GST Act Notifications

GST Circulars

  Name of the States /UT’s
1. Telangana 9thApril 2017 Telangana GST Act 2017

Telangana GST Rules 2017

Telangana GST Act Notifications

Telangana GST Rates Notifications




Bihar 24thApril, 2017 Bihar GST Act 2017

Bihar GST Rules 2017

Bihar GST Notifications

Bihar GST Rate Notifications

3. Rajasthan 26thApril 2017 Rajasthan GST Act 2017

Rajasthan GST Rules 2017

Rajasthan GST  Notifications

Rajasthan GST Rate Notifications

Rajasthan GST Bill 2017

4. Jharkhand 27thApril, 2017  Jharkhand GST Act 2017

Jharkhand GST Rules 2017

Jharkhand GST Notifications

Jharkhand GST Rates Notification

5. Chhattisgarh 28thApril, 2017 Chhattishgarh GST Act 2017

Chhattishgarh GST Rules 2017

Chhattishgarh GST Act Notifications

Chhattishgarh GST Rate Notifications

Chhattishgarh GST Bill 2017 

6. Uttarakhand 2ndMay, 2017 Uttarakhand GST Act 2017

Uttarakhand GST Rules 2017

Uttarakhand GST Notifications

7. Madhya Pradesh 3rdMay, 2017 Madhya Pradesh GST Act 2017

Madhya Pradesh GST Rules 2017

Madhya Pradesh GST Notifications

Madhya Pradesh GST Rates Notifications

8. Haryana 4thMay, 2017 Haryana GST Act 2017 

Haryana GST Amendment Act 2018

Haryana GST Rules 2017

Haryana GST Notifications

Haryana GST Rates Notifications

Haryana GST Bill 2017

9. Goa 9thMay, 2017 Goa GST Act 2017

GOA GST Bill 2017

10. Gujarat 9thMay, 2017 Gujarat GST Act 2017

Gujarat GST Rules 2017

Gujarat GST  Notifications

Gujarat GST Rates Notifications

Gujarat GST Bill 2017

11. Assam 11thMay, 2017 Assam GST Act 2017 

Assam GST Rules 2017

Assam GST Notifications

Assam GST Rates Notification

Assam GST Bill 2017

12. Arunachal Pradesh 12thMay, 2017
13. Andhra Pradesh 16thMay, 2017  Andhra Pradesh GST Act 2017

Andhra Pradesh GST Rules 2017

Andhra Pradesh GST Notifications

14. Uttar Pradesh 16thMay, 2017 UP GST Act 2017

UP GST Rules 2017

UP GST Act Notifications

UP GST Rate Notifications

UP GST Press Release

Uttar Pradesh GST Bill 2017

15. Puducherry (UT) 17thMay, 2017 Puducherry GST Act 2017

Puducherry GST Rules

Puducherry GST Notifications

Puducherry GST Rate Notifications

16. Odisha 19thMay, 2017 Odisha GST Act 2017

Odisha GST Rules 2017

Odisha GST Notifications

Odisha GST Rates Notification

Odisha GST Bill 2017

17. Maharashtra 22ndMay, 2017 Maharashtra GST Act 2017

Maharashtra GST Rules 2017

Maharashtra GST Notifications

Maharashtra GST Rate Notifications

Maharashtra GST Bill 2017 

18. Tripura 25thMay, 2017  Tripura GST Act 2017

Tripura GST Rules 2017

Tripura GST Notifications

Tripura GST Rate Notifications

19. Sikkim 25thMay, 2017 Sikkim GST Act 2017

Sikkim GST Bill 2017

Sikkim GST Rules 2017

20. Mizoram 25thMay, 2017  Mizoram GST Act 2017

Mizoram GST Rules 2017

Mizoram GST Notifications

21. Nagaland 27thMay, 2017 Nagaland GST Act 2017

Nagaland GST Rules 2017

Nagaland GST Notifications

Nagaland GST Rates Notifications

22. Himachal Pradesh 27thMay, 2017 Himachal Pradesh  GST Act 2017

Himachal Pradesh GST Rules 2017

Himachal Pradesh  GST Notifications

Himachal Pradesh  GST Rate Notifications

23. Delhi (UT) 31stMay, 2017 Delhi GST Act 2017

Delhi GST Rules 2017

Delhi GST  Notifications

Delhi GST Rates Notifications

24. Manipur 5thJune, 2017 Manipur GST Act 2017

Manipur GST Rules 2017

Manipur GST Notifications

Manipur GST Rate Notifications

 25. Punjab Punjab GST Act 2017

Punjab GST Rules 2017

Punjab GST Notifications

Punjab GST Rate Notifications

Punjab GST Bill 2017

26. Meghalaya  Meghalaya GST Act 2017

Meghalaya GST Notifications

Meghalaya GST Rates Notifications

27. Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu GST Act 2017

Tamil Nadu GST Rules 2017

Tamil Nadu GST Notifications

Tamil Nadu GST Rates Notifications

28. Karnataka  Karnataka GST Act 2017

Karnataka GST Rules 2017

Karnataka GST Notifications

Karnataka GST Rate Notifications

29. Kerala  Kerela GST  Ordinance 2017 promulgated by  Governor of Kerala on 22nd June, 2017  Kerela GST Act 2017

Kerela GST Rules 2017

Kerela GST Notifications

Kerela GST Rate Notifications




Jammu & Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir GST Act 2017

J & K GST Rules 2017

J & K GST Notifications

J & K GST Rates Notifications

31. West Bengal  West Bengal GST Ordinance 2017

West Bengal GST Notifications

West Bengal GST Rate Notifications

West Bengal GST Circulars

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