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Disclose defaults in payment of interest on loans : SEBI to Listed Companies

By | November 21, 2019

In order to address the gaps in availability of information with respect to defaults, the Board has decoded that in case of default in repayment of principal or interest on loans from banks or financial institutions which continues beyond 30 days from the pre-agreed payment date, listed entities shall, promptly, but not later than 24… Read More »

No Penalty of Sec 271E of Income Tax on conversion of loan into equity : ITAT

By | March 26, 2019

We find that the loan received by the assessee from Prakash Electronics System Ltd had been squared off by way of conversion of loan into equity in the sum of Rs 6,00,000/- was carried out by the assessee through book entries without any physical outflow of funds. It is usual business practice and is part… Read More »

Concessional Loan for lady members of ICAI

By | October 15, 2016

 ICAI initiative for the arrangement of Specialised Loan for members of ICAI and Concessional Loan to lady members of ICAI Specialized loan scheme for Members of ICAI: An Initiative of the Capacity Building of Members in Practice (CCBMP), ICAI Capacity Building of Members in Practice (CCBMP), ICAI has taken a major initiative for arranging specialized… Read More »