TAX AUDIT and e-FILING 2018 Book by CA. Kamal Garg

By | July 16, 2018
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TAX AUDIT and e-FILING 2018 Book by CA. Kamal Garg

TAX AUDIT and e-FILING 2018 by CA. Kamal Garg

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Chapter 1        Tax Audit under section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Chapter 2        Clauses 1 to 8

Chapter 3        Clause 9: Details of Firms, LLPs, AOPs

Chapter 4        Clause 10: Nature of business or profession

Chapter 5        Clause 11: Books of Account

Chapter 6        Clause 12: Presumptive Income

Chapter 7        Clause 13: Method of Accounting

Chapter 8        Clause 14: Method of Stock Valuation

Chapter 9        Clause 15: Capital Asset converted into Stock-in-Trade

Chapter 10      Clause 16: Amounts not credited to Profit and Loss Account

Chapter 11      Clause 17: Transfer of Land and/or Building vis-à-vis Section 43CA/50C

Chapter 12      Clause 18: Depreciation

Chapter 13      Clause 19: Amounts admissible under sections 32AC, 33AB, 33ABA, 35, etc.

Chapter 14      Clause 20: Bonus/Employees Contribution to PF

Chapter 15      Clause 21: Certain Amounts debited to Profit and Loss Account

Chapter 16      Clause 22: Amount of interest inadmissible under section 23 of the MSMED Act, 2006

Chapter 17      Clause 23: Payments to Specified Persons

Chapter 18      Clause 24: Amounts deemed to be profits and gains under section 32AC, 33AB or 33ABA or 33AC

Chapter 19      Clause 25: Any amount of profit chargeable to tax under section 41 and computation thereof

Chapter 20      Clause 26: Sums covered by section 43B

Chapter 21      Clause 27: CENVAT Credit/Prior Period Items

Chapter 22      Clause 28 & 29: Implications of Transfers without Consideration

Chapter 23      Clause 30: Amount borrowed or repaid on Hundi, etc.

Chapter 24      Clause 31: Acceptance or Repayment of Certain Loans and Deposits

Chapter 25      Clause 32: Unabsorbed Loss/Depreciation

Chapter 26      Clause 33: Sectionwise details of deductions, if any, admissible under Chapter VIA or Chapter III

Chapter 27      Clause 34: Audit of Compliance with TDS Provisions

Chapter 28      Clause 35: Quantitative Details

Chapter 29      Clause 36: Corporate Dividend Tax

Chapter 30      Clause 37: Cost Audit Report

Chapter 31      Clause 38 and Clause 39: Central Excise and Service Tax Audit Report

Chapter 32      Clause 40: Accounting Ratios, etc.

Chapter 33      Clause 41: Details of Demand Raised or Refund Issued During the Previous Year under any other Tax Laws

Chapter 34      Code of Ethics

Appendix 1     e-Filing Registration and Services



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