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By | July 7, 2018
(Last Updated On: July 7, 2018)

Tax Audit Manual-A Chartered Accountants’s Guide to Tax Audits Prescribed under Income Tax Act

Tax Audit Manual-A Chartered Accountants's Guide to Tax Audits Prescribed under Income Tax Act

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  • Amidst the plethora of opportunities available for Chartered Accountants in India, there are only certain limited opportunities, which are available to all the practising Chartered Accountants in the country. Notable amongst such genuine opportunities are no doubt, the tax audits, and the related practices, as prescribed under the Income-tax Act, 1961 and the rules made thereunder.
  • In this scenario, this book titled TAX AUDIT PRACTICE MANUAL has come (as a handy tool) for all Chartered Accountants in India with the best shots of professional guidance on all sorts of tax audit procedures and practices as prevalent in India.
  • This edition, which has been a compact referencer on all compulsory audits (as prescribed under the Indian laws of income-taxation) with relevant checklists and useful guidelines, incorporates a comprehensive treatment of various techniques of tax auditing, as regards the different types of tax audits required in India, which are of prime importance to all Chartered Accountants in practice.
  • It not only covers tax audit under section 44AB in depth but also includes all other tax audits, audit certification, verification and reporting requirements. In fact, this book provides at one place all the procedural formalities, reporting requirements, verificatory methods, compliances and checklists under a broad spectrum, not leaving any topic untouched.
  • This book, with its valuable pack of specimen certificates, reports, forms, applications, and ‘how-to’ checklists, will help the tax-auditing community to ensure that no important aspect is missed in the process of their verification/audit/other compliance under the income-tax law in India.
  • It is thus a complete guide, to Chartered Accountants, in the form of in-built packs of action checklists and procedural guidelines, useful for the effective discharge of duties as efficient tax professionals of accountancy as regards, tax audit.
  • This book, which is an inevitable audit tool in the hands of all practising Chartered Accountants in India, shall also serve a handy tool and be very useful for all corporate managers, tax and audit consultants and other officials who are involved in the task of conducting tax audit and other certification in India.
  • As an added feature, this book has been duly updated incorporating all latest changes as made by the Finance Act, 2018 and all related laws.

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