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By | May 10, 2021
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Taxmann’s Taxation of Capital Gains – Complete analysis with the help of ‘relevant’ judicial pronouncements, Circulars & Notifications, illustrations, checklists of actions to claim deductions & FAQs 

taxation of capital gains

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Taxmann’s Taxation of Capital Gains provides complete an in-depth & thorough analysis on each aspect of capital gains, with the help of ‘relevant’ judicial pronouncements, Circulars & Notifications, illustrations, checklists of actions to claim deductions & FAQs. This book covers the following:

  • Taxation of ULIPs with FAQs
  • Taxation of reconstitution of firms/LLPs/AOPs/BOIs with FAQs
  • Finance Act 2021 measures [Section 43CA amendments] to boost real estate with FAQs

The Present Publication is the 10th Edition, as amended by the Finance Act 2021, with the following noteworthy features:

  • [Complete Analysis of each aspect of Capital Gains] with the help of relevant judicial pronouncements and Circular & Notifications
  • [Illustrations] for easy understanding of various complex provisions
  • [Guidance on the Controversial Issues] with supporting Case Laws
  • [Charitable Trusts] Separate chapter for treatment of capital gains in case of charitable trusts
  • Checklist of actions to claim deductions with extended time-limits for compliances under the Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation of Certain Provisions) Ordinance, 2020

The detailed contents of the book are as follows:

  • Which income is taxable under the head “capital gains”
  • What is ‘capital asset’?
  • Types of capital assets: Short-term capital assets and long-term capital assets
  • What is ‘transfer’?
  • Which transfers do not give rise to taxable capital gains
  • Year of taxability of capital gains
  • Taxation of unit linked insurance policy
  • Transactions between a firm and its partners or between an AOP/BOI and its members
  • Computation of capital gains – Short-term capital gains and long-term capital gains
  • How to compute full value of consideration
  • What is expenditure on transfer of capital assets?
  • What is cost of acquisition?
  • What is cost of improvement?
  • What is indexed cost of acquisition and indexed cost of improvement?
  • Rollover deduction in respect of profit on sale of property used for residence [Section 54]
  • Deduction of rollover of gain on transfer of land used for agricultural purposes [Section 54B]
  • Rollover deduction in respect of capital gain on compulsory acquisition of lands and buildings [Section 54D]
  • Rollover deduction in respect of investment of long-term capital gains from land or building or both in specified bonds [Section 54EC]
  • Capital gains not to be charged on investment in units of a specified fund
  • Deduction in respect of long-term capital gain invested in residential house [Section 54F]
  • Tax incentives for transfer of assets on shifting of industrial undertakings from urban area/shifting of industrial undertaking from urban area to any special economic zone (SEZ) [Section 54G/54GA]
  • Tax exemption for capital gains from sale of residential property if invested in capital of start-up company – Section 54GB
  • Power of CBDT to relax any requirement for claiming deductions
  • Tax computation in respect of STCG
  • Tax computation in case of long-term capital gains
  • Long-term capital gains tax on listed equity shares, units of equity-oriented mutual funds and units of business trusts
  • Reference to valuation officer
  • Loss under the head ‘capital gains’
  • Distribution of assets by companies in liquidation
  • How to compute capital gains in case of buy-back of shares/specified securities
  • Capital gain and depreciable assets
  • Slump sale
  • Capital gain on intangible assets
  • Charitable trust and capital gains
  • Capital gain in real estate transactions
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