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By | December 31, 2018
(Last Updated On: February 14, 2019)

People can find answers to questions about tax reform in

Tax reform legislation passed in December 2017 affects almost all taxpayers. The IRS is working with partners in the preparation of tax returns and tax software industry to prepare for the tax reform affecting the tax year 2018. This ongoing collaboration ensures that taxpayers can continue to rely on IRS, tax professionals and tax software programs when it is time to file tax returns.

As people prepare to file their 2018 tax returns in 2019, you can visit to get answers to your questions about tax reform. Then a number of resources that will help taxpayers to find out how this law affects them:

Tax reform provisions affecting individuals

Home of the tax reform with information for individual taxpayers. It includes dozens of links to information on topics from withholdings and deductions to tax credits and savings schemes.

IRS Publication 5307, Tax Reform: basics for individuals and families (in English)

Publication 5307 provides information to help individual taxpayers to understand the new law, take action, if necessary, and meet the requirements for filing your federal tax return.

Resources Tax Reform

Here, taxpayers may find useful products including press releases, tax advice, administrative procedures, data sheets, FAQs and articles.

Take action now to tax season

This page has dozens of resources and tools that people can visit now or at any time before filing their 2018 tax returns.

Review of paycheck (English)

This page contains information for people who perform a check of your check to see if they retained the right amount of taxes from their paychecks. Taxpayers can perform this check in early 2019 to ensure their retention is correct for the rest of the year.

Withholding Calculator

One way that taxpayers can make a check of your paycheck is to use the Withholding Calculator. Check your withholding can help prevent that very few tax withheld, resulting in an unexpected tax bill, or a fine at tax time next year.

Taxpayer Advocate Service

The website Changes in the Tax Reform Taxpayer Advocate Service , available in English and Spanish , explains what changes and what stays the same this year for people. Its interactive information can be reviewed by tax issues or line by line using an example of Form 1040 and is updated to show the new references 2018 Form 1040.

Tax reform

The main website of the tax reform on provides information for individuals, but also takes users directly to information for people who are self-employed. It is also a great resource for anyone who prepares tax returns or accounts for a business or a charity.

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