Use of Current year ITC to Pay Last year GST Liability ?

By | March 27, 2019
(Last Updated On: March 28, 2019)

I forgot to add two bills worth Rs 40 Lacs dated 10.10.2017 till March 2018 GSTR 3B.

So i added them in GSTR 3b of May 2018 and also in GSTR 1 of May 2018 (The system accepted the date 31.10.2017 as bill date).

Now I adjusted GST liability on this Rs 40 Lacs (i.e 18% of 40Lakh ) of

Rs 7.2 lacs against Input Tax Credit of April 18 and May 18.

Is this correct? Should i have adjusted the same against Cash Ledger?

How will i show this in GSTR 9 in Table 14 – Differential tax paid on account of declaration in 10 & 11 above ?

Answer : There is no specific provision in GST Act for such issues  .

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