Who has to file Income Tax return online for AY 2019-20 (FY 2018-19)

By | April 19, 2019
(Last Updated On: April 19, 2019)

File Income Tax return electronically for Assessment Year 2019-20 (FY 2018-19)

For the Assessment Year 2019-20 (FY 2018-19), every taxpayer has to file the income-tax return electronically except a super senior citizen (whose age is 80 years or above during the previous year 2018-19) who furnishes the return either in ITR-1 or ITR-4.

The option available to a taxpayer, whose income was below Rs. 5 lakhs during the previous year and was not claiming refund, to file the physical return has been withdrawn. Thus, it is now mandatory for every taxpayer (except super senior citizen) to file the return only electronically.

Return of income can be filed electronically using any of the following three options:

  1. E-filing using a Digital Signature (DSC)

  2. E-filing without a Digital Signature

  3. E-filing under Electronic Verification Code (EVC)

Assessees who can use any of the options mentioned above have been enumerated below.

ParticularsE-Filing with DSCE-Filing without DSCE-Filing with EVCPaper Filing*
Individual whose age is 80 years or above
Individual or HUF who is subject to tax audit under Section 44AB   
Any other Individual or HUF 
Political Parties   
Any person filing return in ITR-7 (other than a political party) 
Any person filing return in ITR-5 (if tax audit is mandatory)   
Any person filing return in ITR-5 (if tax audit is not mandatory) 
* Return can be filed in paper format by a super senior citizen only if he furnishes the return either in ITR-1 or in ITR-4.

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