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9 states may ratify GST Bill withing august 2016

By | August 6, 2016

Senior Union ministers have advised the nine Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)- ruled states to call special sessions of their legislative assemblies to ratify the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Constitution amendment Bill by the end of this month. The Lok Sabha is slated to debate the Bill on Monday, a discussion in which Prime Minister… Read More »

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Exposure Draft on amendment in Ind AS 102 Share Based Payments

By | August 6, 2016

Exposure Draft on amendment in Ind AS 102, Share Based Payments (August 2016) – (04-08-2016) Following is the Exposure Draft of changes proposed in Ind AS 102, Share Based Payments, issued by the Accounting Standards Board of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, for comments. The Board invites comments on any aspect of this… Read More »

CBDT SOP for Administering Tax Payer Services

By | August 6, 2016

F.No.DIT(TPS-I)/01/2016-17/508 Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes Directorate of Income-tax (Taxpayer Services-I) New Delhi, the 2nd August, 2016 STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOP) FOR ADMINISTERING TAX PAYER SERVICES 1. The Income-tax Department is committed to promote voluntary compliance with the direct tax laws through quality tax payer service.… Read More »

What is Money Bills and Procedure of Money Bills

By | August 6, 2016

Money Bills Definition of Money Bills as per  Section – 110 of Constitution of India 1950 110. (1) For the purposes of this Chapter, a Bill shall be deemed to be a Money Bill if it contains only provisions dealing with all or any of the following matters, namely— (a) the imposition, abolition, remission, alteration… Read More »

GST : Copy of debate in Rajya Sabha on Constitution Amendment Bill relating to GST

By | August 6, 2016

UNCORRECTED DEBATES RAJYA SABHA THE CONSTITUTION (ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SECOND AMENDMENT) BILL, 2014 -(CONTD.) 03.08.2016 2-3PM (115 Kb) 3-4PM (161 Kb) 4-5PM (116 Kb) 5-6PM (158 Kb) 6-7PM (164 Kb) 7-8PM (190 Kb) 8-9PM (147 Kb) 9-10PM (138 Kb) 2-3PM 3-4PM 4-5PM 5-6PM 6-7PM 7-8PM 8-9PM 9-10PM

What to Check before depositing your money in any Scheme ?

By | August 6, 2016

1. Which entities are authorised to raise deposits from public? The entities authorised to accept deposits are given in the table as below: Sr. No. Category Regulator Additional Comments 1 Commercial and Cooperative Banks Reserve Bank of India (RBI) All Commercial and Co-operative Banks are entitled to accept deposits 2 Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) RBI… Read More »